Shetty International Trading LLC was established in 1981 as a building material trading company. Our main activity then was assisting the local construction Industry with the supply of Re-bars, timber, cement, bitumen etc.
In 1984, we diversified from the normal run of the mill building materials to the supply of Road and site Safety materials. This has remained the main activity of the company for the past two decades.
Road safety has since been the by-word of our company and we have worked towards a safer highway by bringing to the UAE products designed to reduce fatalities in the event of accidents.
We made our very first supply of Corrugated Beam Guardrails in galvanized steel to M/s. Strabag Bau A.G. for their Project in AL Ain. This was followed by a supply of 30,000 LM to the local Al Naboodah Contracting Co., for their Awir Road Project. In 1986 Al Muhairy C.C.C. J.V. awarded us with an order to supply 120,000 LM of Guardrails and 120,000 LM of Sand-Fence etc. to upwards of 240 big and small projects all over the U.A.E.
The Guardrails supplied by us today protect motorists on major highways, such as the Abu Dhabi – Dubai Road, Sheikh Zayed Road, Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Expressway, Mussafa Al Ain Truck Road, Dubai By Pass Road, Improvement of Back Road etc.
Besides, Corrugated Beam Guardrails, we have supplied Parapets for Bridges and Interchanges, Open Box Beam Guardrails, Crash Cushions, Hand Rails etc. All out products are manufactured by leading companies of the world and confirm to International standards. Today, we offer the full compliment of Safety Barriers in accordance with AASHTO M180 specifications, BS 6779 specifications and EN 1317.
We can proudly claim to guard you as you drive on the highways of the U.A.E.
Mahmoud Hussain Khamis
B.S. Shetty

John D’Silva
General Manager
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Dubai, U.A.E.
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